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Achieving for Every child.

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If you require any more information regarding our Curriculum, please call the School office on 01535 642390 


Statement of Intent

At Oldfield Primary School, we endeavour to make learning meaningful for all children. Our Creative Curriculum is designed to teach children skills for life-long learning and to embed essential knowledge across a broad and balanced range of subjects. Learning is progressive and covers the requirements of the Primary National Curriculum 2014.

All stakeholders in the school demonstrate mutual respect and a strong sense of community. Children are taught about British Values, which promotes tolerance, understanding and the celebration of diversity.  'Bronte Brain' independent learning behaviours are encouraged right from the Nursery years, to foster a growth mindset. Underpinning the whole academic curriculum is PSHE (Personal, Health and Social Education) and Social, Moral , Spiritual and Cultural Development (SMSC).


Teaching teams plan a carefully structured Creative Curriculum, where most subjects are covered through a linked topic. Some subjects are, however, taught discretely; to ensure that coverage is maintained. Medium-term topic plans are sent home for parents and careers, to empower them to support their children's learning. Each topic is launched by a a curriculum themed immersion day; to motivate the children, engage their curiosity and generate key questions to drive subsequent learning. These are not activities, but carefully chosen start to contextualise learning. Topics then culminate so that everything that the children have learnt and experienced can be celebrated and shared. The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced. It builds on what children know and can do, towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for their future learningWe have an integrated focus on ensuring that children acquire a wide vocabulary, communicate effectively throughout school. 


As children move through Oldfield Primary, they learn progressive skills and a wide variety of knowledge in a range of subjects. This learning is assessed on a termly basis, allowing subject leaders and teachers to provide scaffolding and challenge for a range of abilities, including children with Special Educational Needs.

The embedding of core English and Maths skills and knowledge is also facilitated, as children are given opportunities to practice and apply their learning in a cross-curricular context. Our Creative Curriculum thus empowers children to become independent, aspirational and effective learners, ready for the next stage of their education.



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