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Putting Children First

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Oldfield Primary & Nursery- Putting children first.  Oldfield closes on Thursday 21st July 2022 and reopens Monday 5th September to all children. Happy summer to all and good luck to our Year 6 children! 


Oldfield is where our children receive the very best start to

their education and beyond. With a progressive and exciting curriculum with reading at the very heart, Oldfield gives every child the best educational offer possible.


Please watch our welcome video to give you a small taster

of how unique we are. 


Oldfield Primary & Nursery: Putting children first. 


 We welcome children to start as soon as they turn 3 years of age. Please call the School for more information on 01535 642394

We deliver our Curriculum through a broad and balanced offer. Children are placed at the heart of all we do. Reading is central to all our curriculum development and implementation. Please see the reading sections under the curriculum drop-down tab. 


Below is a taster of how we teach. We launch each topic with a curriculum immersed start (normally a week in so some pre-teach can occur)  This is underpinned by a carefully structured teaching sequence of our curriculum coverage. The pictures below show children role-playing World War Two evacuations. We then link this to modern recent evacuations or events seen. Throughout all our teaching is the vocabulary children need as the curriculum progresses. Right from Nursery we use this approach. 

A key book is always used to hook learners in.