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Welcome to Unit Two. We are the Robins! 


Unit 2

 Welcome to Unit 2 

Children in Year 2, Year 3 and year 4 (pm) are in our class

Mrs Barnett  is the Unit 2 teacher.

Mrs Kemp is the teaching assistant in the mornings and Mr Parker supports us in the afternoons.  

Miss Broadley also works in this class in the mornings. 

Click here to see our plan for the year! 

This half term (Autumn 2) our topic is 'Brilliant Britain.' The children will be learning about all things British with a Geography focus on the four countries of the United Kingdom, capital cities and the surrounding seas. They will also be learning about the British Royal family, Key British historical events, London landmarks and learning all about British artists such as Steven Brown, LS Lowry and William Morris. 

This week, the children have been looking at the works of William Morris and they designed and made their own block for printing their own patterns. They designed their pattern first and then put glue over the top of the outline and stuck down some thread to make the print outline. Next week, they will begin to make their wallpaper design in the style of William Morris.