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Putting Children First

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To support the effective delivery of phonics, we use Little Wandle to support all our children’s needs. EYFS & Ks1 offers a rich learning environment to ensure that each child has the potential to succeed. Quality phonics teaching links to the literary needs of the children within English and across the curriculum. Each Phonics lesson includes the following sections:

  • Revise – Overlearn the previous graphemes and words
  • Teach – Introduce a new grapheme / phoneme words
  • Practise – Develop GPCs (grapheme phoneme correspondences) /read and spell new words
  • Apply – Use the new graphemes / words in games and activities to secure knowledge
  • Assess – Monitor progress within each phase to inform planning.


We place reading at the heart of our curriculum at Oldfield Primary School and every child loves reading! High quality texts have been purposefully chosen to enhance the learning experience and make links to the wider curriculum. Planned opportunities for teaching the skills of reading are set through carefully crafted English teaching sequences (and the Creative Curriculum) and daily guided reading sessions. We also listen to your child read through 1:1 sessions. Reading books sent home match the children's learning ability, so they can:

  • Practice learning the phonics sounds they know
  • Develop inference skills
  • Improve understanding of grammatical knowledge 
  • Enhance the reading for pleasure experience. 

 At our school, we are passionate about creating warm and stimulating reading environments to ensure children have somewhere comfortable and enjoyable to read, and can grab a stage related library book of their choice. Parental involvement is key, and we encourage children be heard everyday by an adult. The children love sharing how many times their class has read to an adult at home in our weekly celebration assembly. 


The English Curriculum is delivered using the National Curriculum English Programmes of Study for KS1/KS2.  Sequences of learning are planned for over the year using high quality texts, which are carefully chosen to complement the creative curriculum, and also support the development of vocabulary and  language acquisition. From Prediction to Publishing, our children are immersed in a rich experience of learning about different purposes for writing to ensure they are given a wide range of writing opportunities. From Year 2, children use the 'Vocab Ninja' scheme to support the development of key spelling skills. 

If you would like any further information about the curriculum for your child’s year group, please contact their class teacher, who will be happy to discuss it with you.