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 Owl Clipart Flying Owl Clipart, Owl, Clip Art, Fly PNG and Vector with  Transparent Background for Free DownloadWelcome to Unit 3 - Owls' Class! Owl Clipart Flying Owl Clipart, Owl, Clip Art, Fly PNG and Vector with  Transparent Background for Free Download

Year 5/6 Owl Team: 

Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Million-Hicks, Mr Parker and Miss Broadley 

Year 5 are finding equivalent fractions this week.  They loved using the resources to prove their ideas.

Will we manage to grow new mint plants from the side shoots we have collected from Mrs Reynolds' mint plant?

The Year 5 children are attempting to grow potato plants from seed potatoes.  Keep an eye out for updates on their progress.

Autumn 2

During Autumn 2, Owls class will be going on an Amazonian adventure!   They will use geographical skills to find out where the Amazon Rainforest is and how it differs to forests in our local biome in the UK.  Enquiry skills will be used to explore the layers of the Rainforest, finding out about plant, animal and human life, how they are vital for our survival, and how modern-day life around the world is affecting this natural habitat. 

In Science, the children will be learning about life cycles.  After learning about life cycles of amphibians, mammals and birds, they will investigate the life cycle of an animal of their choice.  The children will also learn about reproduction in plants; dissecting a plant to identify the reproductive organs, and animals.  We will go on a trip to Cliffe Castle Museum where we will be able to take part in a hands on workshop about the identification and classification of animals.

Owls walked up to the memorial site of a Canadian plane which crashed during a training flight in January 1944.  We thought about what it would have been like on the night it crashed and will do some story writing related to it.   Some children very kindly brought artefacts related to WWII and life in the army which we have enjoyed looking at and discussing this afternoon.  

Exploring shadows, light sources and proving that light travels in a straight line.

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school and have an exciting term ahead.  The classroom is ready for Year 5 and 6 with a new reading area, independent workstation and change in the layout of the desks.

Our topic is "Sandbags and Sirens" - Why did Britain go to war?  The children will find out when WW11 took place and how it started, looking at what else was going on in the world before, during and after that period of time.  They will learn about which countries were involved in the war and how it affected our locality;  we will walk to the War Memorial site on the hills above school where a plane crash occurred and look at local case studies.  We will conduct a comparison between evacuees during WW11 and present day refugees.  In English and Guided Reading, we are reading Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and Rose Blanche by Christophe Gallaz, which give insight into WW11 from a child's perspective - we will focus on creative story writing and letter writing in our first half term.  During Maths the children will be building on their knowledge of place value and extending that to use within the four written operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Light is the focus of our learning in Science where the children will learn how light travels and how we see carrying out a range of interesting investigations to embed their knowledge.