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Putting Children First

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Pupil Voice

Here at Oldfield Primary, we place children at the very heart of our school. They are simply the reason why we are here! Hearing what our children think and feel is extremely important to us, and we provide opportunities to listen, so they can share their thoughts, such as how safe they feel, the quality of their education and how they view behaviour and learning experiences. This is done in many different ways - both formally and informally!


It is our main priority to ensure that our children feel happy and safe, so they enjoy every day at Oldfield Primary school. 

There are many opportunities in school for children to share their opinions and voice their feelings; all staff in school are aware of the importance of listening to our pupils in order to shape our school to meet the needs of our children. Pupil voice also plays a vital role in shaping the curriculum.

Here are a few ways in which we collect the views of our children:


Classroom learning; e.g. P.S.H.E sessions

Individual Shared and Guided Reading time

British Values & Religious Assemblies

Celebration Assemblies

Having lunch with our children

 School Council

Lunchtime Ambassadors

Subject Leader Questionnaires

We also have two junior Trustees who work with the other members from the other three schools.