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Bronte Academy Trust Oldfield Primary School

Maths at our School:


At Oldfield  School, we aim to develop children’s arithmetic, reasoning and problem-solving skills whilst also creating a life-long love of Maths.


We follow the White Rose Maths Hub scheme to ensure that children develop a deep and long-lasting understanding of a concept. In lessons, we focus on a variety of skills. A concept will be taught and practiced to increase a child’s fluency and confidence. This concept will then be explored in greater detail with reasoning and problem-solving opportunities being presented to children.


If a child struggles with a concept or needs further support to increase their confidence, we aim to identify the issue and intervene early in order to ensure that their future mathematical learning isn’t affected. 


Fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills are all underpinned by a child’s arithmetic skills. We use a variety of resources and techniques to improve these skills


Children are prepared for the introduction of the multiplication tables check which begins in June 2020 in Year Four. Times tables are practiced daily in classes in Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two. You can use Tables Rockstars to help at home.